A Psychographic Interests Platform

In today’s fragmented world, psychographic profiling is more important to marketers than ever. Yet the art of figuring out how to effectively reach and convert audiences remains a daunting task. Ranker Insights brings precision and depth to what has typically been the very “fuzzy” exercise of psychographic profiling.

Each month over 50 million people visit Ranker to cast their votes on thousands of online polls about Films, Celebrities, TV, Music, Sports, and more, providing a treasure trove of proprietary self-reported preference data across 1.1 million interests.

Powered by Ranker’s unprecedented data collection engine, the Ranker Insights platform was developed to provide data-driven audience insights, both at scale and in precise context. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with you on a custom API basis.

Turn Challenging Campaigns Into Laser-Targeted Wins

Too often marketers are forced to rely upon generic surface-level data when making pivotal decisions. By collecting and connecting audience opinions across 1.1 million interests, Ranker Insights unmasks not-so-obvious correlations between the people, places, and things that fans are most passionate about.

Marketers are using Ranker Insights intel to inform the creative process, laser-target the right audiences (and avoid the wrong ones), buy media more efficiently, and make data-driven strategic decisions.

How Marketers Are Using Ranker Insights
Buy Media More Efficiently
Ranker Insights gives, for example, media buyers in TV advertising clear data to go beyond demographics and set-top box information and filter ad buys to the shows their target audience is most passionate about - and just as importantly avoid the shows they dislike.
Increase Reach
On social, brand managers are discovering the not-so-obvious interests correlated with their brand or product (TV program, album, film, celebrity, etc.) and broadening their targeting to include them, increasing targeted reach by 3-7x per campaign.
Make Data-Driven Creative Decisions
At the creative stage, marketers can use the deep interest data in Ranker Insights audience profiling to get a better handle on their target audience, and design their creative accordingly.
Identify Talent, Influencers and Advocates
Studios and new media brands are using Ranker Insights data to inform decisions on casting, influencers, and identifying brand ambassadors, even going so far as to filter audience affinity based on their intelligence, coolness factor, beauty, or talent.
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